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2022 Deer Lake Ice Out Contest by Mark Smith

The Ice-Out Contest is a fundraiser for the DLWA Continuous Flow Motor Rig Fund. Our goal is to purchase a surface drive motor and rig to enable us to get up and down Deer Creek to monitor water flow, and to manage the beaver dams when the vegetation is so thick a normal outboard motor is not a good option. We don’t have enough funds to purchase this equipment yet, but Bill Cromell owns one and donated his boat, motor, and time to make several creek runs last year. The low water and early vegetation growth last summer provided the perfect conditions to put the motor to a real test. The surface drive motor rig proved to be the ideal option for getting through extremely thick vegetation and shallow waters. The DLWA board agreed that having several different people run the boat and motor probably isn’t the ideal situation because of how different it is from running a standard outboard motor. We are discussing the possibility of having one or two more guys learn how to use the motor and rig so Bill wouldn’t have to go every time we make a creek run. We will see how things go this year, and how many trips are required. We are currently discussing an implementation plan with Bill. The Ice-Out Contest will be coordinated by me, and Bill Cromell will be the final deciding judge. There may be a couple of others at the lake who will assist Bill, although he will make the official call. The fee is $20 per entry, and more than one entry is allowed. 50% of the entry fees will be deposited into the Continuous Flow Motor and Rig Fund, and 50% will be paid to the contest winner. Any additional donations to the CF Motor and Rig Fund will be greatly appreciated! The DLWA, as a 317A non-profit, is legal to sponsor one raffle fundraiser annually up to $1,500. Thanks for your support of this DLWA fundraiser, and Happy New Year to all!


One date per entry, multiple entries are accepted.

Entry fee is $20 per date/entry.

All entries must be either dropped off or mailed.

All entries must be received on or before March 16th (No Exceptions).

Payout will be 50% of the total entries and will all go the first-place winner.

If there are more than one winner, the winnings will be equally shared.

Ice out is determined at dusk for that day.

If there is no pick on the date the ice goes out, next date moving forward wins.

Official final ice out will be determined by Bill Cromell, who is prohibited from entering the contest.

Please be sure to complete all the information below, including your email address. This is also a fund raiser for the continuous outflow fund so any additional donations above and beyond the entry fees are welcome.

Drop off Entries/payments: Bill Cromell 65849 County Rd 533 Effie MN 56639

Mail Entries/payments: Mark Smith, 3642 Kolstad Rd, Eagan MN 55123

All checks are to be made out to Mark Smith


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