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Deer Lake Water Flow, June 28, 2019

Jim Kush and I traveled down the creek on Friday, June 28th for our scheduled boat run.  The day was perfect for a run!  The creek is open, however we did clear sticks and branches from the rock dam.  The beginnings of visible weed and rice growth are starting to emerge on the creek's  surface.  I  have attached a few pictures,  one that shows how the mud is beginning to build up causing the water depth on the creek edges to shallow up due to wild rice and weed growth catching and stopping silt movement down the creek. Our motor's prop cut through weeds in the channel's center, so small weed chucks were visible on the return trip back up stream. Boat runs work to thin out some weeds. A few stretches of creek are shallow so use caution on future boat runs until we have some rain.


The gauge at the #533 bridge was 4.35 so the water level  is on the lower end due to very little rain in June.  We lost 5 to 7 inches of lake level during  the end of May and June. The dam's steel plates had 4" of water flowing over them.


The Deer Creek trappers, Rick Jensen and Dan Gallagher did an great job this spring as there was very minimal  fresh beaver sign on the creek.  Excellent job! 

Bill Cromell

DLWA President 


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