RingBill's Custom Decoy Painting & Duckin' Stuff

Squaw Lake, MN  

E-mail: ringbillhunter9@gmail.com

  • 52 years of painting on decoys

  • Custom painting for Autumn Wings Decoy Company with work also done for Delta Waterfowl and Ducks Unlimited banquet dinner auction decoys

  • Specializing in Duck and Goose decoy repairs, restle coating and custom painting for all species with a final clear coat

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Services/Items Available For Sale

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  • Refurbished Duck Decoys painted to the specie and hen/drake ratio you want

  • Custom painting of your own personal decoys

  • Brand new floating duck and goose decoys in the box, many brands, divers, dabblers and Canadian Honker decoys

  • Special order only, (On a waiting list) brand new Herter's #72 bodies with Autumn Wings wood heads in various styles and positions, Restle coated, primed, custom painted to your specs & clear coated for supreme durability. Limited Stock

  • Refurbished marsh type duck boats for sale, as well as services to repair, refurbish and paint your own duck boat

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