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DNR - DLWA Relationship

Did you know we have a DNR Liaison as part of the DLWA?  

This is a very important role for interfacing with the Regional Fisheries Manager.


A discussion takes place on an annual basis to review the existing fishing regulations for bluegills and the slot limit of walleyes on Deer, Pickerel and Battle lake. 

Managing our fisheries is a critical piece to maintaining a healthy lake and a healthy fishing population for the future.

DNR Offices


  • Division Of Waters 

    • Alteration of beds of public waters

  • Division Of Fisheries

    • Fish management​

    • Removal or addition of aquatic plants

  • T.I.P. (Turn In Poachers)

    • PH: 800-652-9093

DNR Contact

Grand Rapids PH: 218-328-8780

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