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DLWA Is Focused On AIS

If you were able to attend the annual DLWA meeting on August 3rd 2019, there was a survey done asking members what are the most important tasks that should be focused upon by the association. This year focus on AIS moved up the ladder to #3 from prior year surveys out of a list of 10 tasks. The AIS focus is already taking shape and we would like to recognize Bill Cromell, Mark Smith and Donna Childers for recently becoming AIS certified inspectors. The first inspection began with Bill and Mark (pictured) this past Saturday on August 31st at the Deer Lake boat access from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. This also included initial on-site training by an AIS inspector from Turtle Lake Association.

This is just the first of more inspections to be completed in the future across the watershed. If you would like to volunteer in this area, please let us know. We can advise you when the next AIS inspection class is available and the location. Your contribution would be greatly appreciated in helping DLWA in this area and we need more volunteers to carry out inspections on the DLWA lakes in the future. A special "Thank you" to Bill, Mark and Donna for taking this first step towards the prevention of AIS in DLWA lakes!

Chris Fischer

DLWA Board Member

Bill Cromell and Mark Smith DLWA AIS inspectors on Deer Lake.


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