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A Special Recognition To The DLWA Creek Monitoring Team

DLWA Creek Runners, Beaver Dam Breakers and Nuisance Beaver Trappers

This energetic group of DLWA volunteers worked hard during Fall 2018 and Spring/Summer 2019 to 1) clear Deer Creek of overgrown vegetation by running their boats up and down the creek; 2) break out beaver dams that backed up the flow of water on Deer, Otter, Popple and Lorraine Creeks; and 3) remove nuisance beaver throughout the Deer Lake Watershed. A volunteer appreciation event was held on July 20, 2019 to recognize these committed and hard-working DLWA volunteers who assist in keeping our watershed creeks open and flowing. Pictured (from left): Dave Nerka, Jim Kush, Skylar Jensen, Alex Jensen, Larry Blackmer, Mark Smith, Galen Vorland, Jeff Dunlap, Dan Gallagher, Jerry Pratt, Val Cromell (photographer), Denny Carlson, Rick Jensen, Bill Cromell and Dan Kehren. Volunteers not pictured: Art Lind, Chad and Corey Lovdahl, Tom Schwartz, Jeff Hansen, and Jeff Stimac.


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